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Simplify Your Numbers &

Grow Your Dental Practice

Save Money With A Bookkeeping Service Designed By And For Dental Professionals


What We Can Do For You


Book Cleaning

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Monthly Reporting

A QuickBook Online logo. We provide QBO as a cloud-based solution for our clients.

Online Servicing

Take the stress out of managing your numbers. We keep your accounts in order so you can focus on gaining new patients and growing your practice.

  • Journal Entries

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • General Ledger Cleanup

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable

Forecast your spending and minimize your supply ordering. With a monthly report on your numbers you can maximize your profit potential.

  • Calculate your projections

  • Allocate your money efficiently

  • Tailor your budget with precision

Save time traveling to an office.  We offer you the convenience and expertise of professional  bookkeeping at your fingertips.

  • Setup a new account

  • Update your existing QuickBooks

  • Learn software with personal tutor


Why Dental Professionals Choose Us

An image of a smling tooth to highlight our experience as dental professionals.

We Know Your Industry

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We Don't Waste Your Time


We Save You Money

Before becoming bookkeepers, we were dental assistants and front office managers for over 15 years.


We know the dental industry inside out.


Our deep knowledge can help you hone in on budgeting opportunities you might miss out on.

And all our expertise is delivered with the same friendliness you'd expect from your own dentists.

Because of our industry knowledge,

we won't need to waste your time clarifying minor details like other bookkeepers will.


Aside from our monthly reports, you'll only hear from us when you need or want to.

But we won't just save you a lot of stress and valuable time.


You will be saving thousands of dollars from misfiled taxes or CPA's who charge a fortune.

Don't spend more on a bookkeeper than you have to.


We tailor our fee to the size and needs of your specific practice.


You only pay for services you need, with no extra or hidden costs.


No binding contracts either. 

Just transparent fees starting

as low as $150 a month.


How It Works


1. Consult

A quick consultation call lets us get acquainted and understand your business needs.


2. Confirm

We confirm the details of your accounts and monthly transactions to formulate the lowest fee possible for you.


3. Begin

If you don't already have one,

we setup a QBO account so you can access your books remotely.

That's it!

Your numbers will never be a headache again.


What Our Clients Say

An asset for over 3 years. They're detail oriented with front desk duties, dental assisting, and supply ordering. Their ethics are above reproach. And they're honest and sincere.

Real team players.

—  Barry Cohan, Dentist, DDS.

A godsend. Always on time with deadlines and ready to take on the most difficult challenges.

I have full confidence in their work. I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to more Dental Practice Corporate clients.

—  Tracie L. Baiz, Financial Advisor,

CA Tax Boutique

They save my company a substantial amount of money and keep our account receivables meticulously clean.

They are forward thinkers with exceptional organizational skills

—  Shachar Weizman, COO,

Security Unlimited.


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